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Reaching out in 1971

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As Tom Lewis used to remind us, at least we don't have any convicted felons in our class. But for those living in Houston, things might change in that regard.

And alas, no Nobel Prizer winners in our class circle. But we do have a brother of a Pulizer Prize winner!

Just know that our class was one of the last ones to experience:

  • Working fireplaces with free wood from the farm
  • The Tunnels between buildings making parkas optional in the winter.
  • Roof top keggars. The first and last time I saw Northern Lights was on top of Sevy. I'm still amazed.
  • Free Lance/T-Birds concerts in Sayles Hill
  • Free Lance concerts on Mai Fete Island until the cops shut us down around 10 p.m. The kegs were dry by then anyway.
  • Bouncing for Peace
  • A BALD SPOT that really looked like Northern France in 1917 in the Spring.
  • Speaking of Spring: Smelt Run parties in the Goodhue cafeteria.
  • Hollywood movie premiers at the Grand (e.g. Sydney Pollack's The Yakuza).
  • Cold velveta between Townhouse crackers at the Cave for 50 cents.
  • A diploma signed by Jan's husband, Howard.
  • This list can go on ...