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Proposed Schedule:


Alumni Relations | 800-929-2586 | go.carleton.edu/reunion

Dear Friends-

In addition to plenty of free time for hanging out and socializing, we've planned much to amuse you. For details, go to that GO link above and follow it to our class bio book and complete your entry; we're excited to learn what you've been up to.


Registration opens in early March. On-campus accommodation has in recent years been fully booked, with overflow directed to local hotels, so if you'd prefer to be housed on campus, and we're confident you would, please register early.


We'll be in the air-conditioned Town Houses, with our class lounge in the quite nearby Henrickson House with its canopied driveway.


Play a round of golf with classmates and other alumni at the beautiful Northfied Golf Club on Thursday afternoon. The Carleton Open will be held from 1:00 - 6:00 p.m. and beyond.

Friday evening - fireworks and a bonfire with '70 at the Hill of Three Oaks.


Friday dinner at the Weitz Center for Creativity featuring a musical performance courtesy of Dale Fierke, Donald Barbee and friends.

Saturday class dinner at The Grand Event Center followed by a Terry and the T-Birds concert. Jeff Slocum and the band played last year for '74 and were such a hit we've invited them back. Jeff says he'll be delighted to stap it on again.


On Friday, join the discussion facilitated by Mary Mekemson, Bob Huber and other members of the Reunion committee: "What shall we do with the rest of our lives?"

On Saturday, Kristin Henning of "Travel Past 50" will share travel tips and destination highlights from nearly 10 years of travel to more than 70 countries on 6 continents.


On Sunday, the Alumni Multifaith Service of Remembrance & Celebration begins at 9:30 a.m. in Skinner Memorial Chapel with farewells throughout the morning.

And if you are willing to help us plan the fun, please reach out to one of us lised below in the 45th Reunion Committee:

  • Tim Corwin
  • Nia-Renei Cottrell
  • Herb Crawford
  • Kathy Culhane-Pera
  • Nick Foreman
  • Butch Goodspeed
  • Laura Graf
  • Mike Hartung (Gift Co-Chair)
  • Tom Hogg
  • Bob Huber (Program Co-Chair)
  • Mary Mekemson
  • Sally Fairman Mills
  • Kit Naylor (Program Co-Chair)
  • Cindy Bell Neville
  • Fred Ohles (Gift Co-Chair)
  • Chuck Palmer
  • Deb Shostak
  • Karl Sieber
  • Tim Sullivan
  • Ken Titley